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Discover the Power of Embodied Human Design:

A Free Workshop

Embodied Human Design is more than a system; it's your personal invitation to embark on a transformative journey where the ancient wisdom of Human Design intertwines with the vibrant tapestry of your daily life.
This isn't just about understanding your chart; it's about integrating the profound insights of Human Design into your very essence, guiding your every breath, decision, and action.
**Why Embodied Human Design?**
Imagine Embodied Human Design as a gentle, yet powerful, current that guides you back to your true essence. It helps you navigate life's challenges with grace and authenticity, aligning your actions, decisions, and business strategies with the unique blueprint of your soul. Every step you take becomes a resonant echo of who you truly are.
**What Will You Discover in Our Free Workshop?**
Our free workshop is the gateway to this incredible journey. Here's what awaits you:

- **Deep Insights:** Learn how to tap into the wisdom of your Human Design, transforming knowledge into a living, breathing guide for your life.

- **Alignment and Fulfillment:** Discover how to live in a way that feels aligned, effortless, and deeply fulfilling.

- **Transformation and Empowerment:** This journey is about more than acquiring knowledge; it's about personal transformation, empowerment, and mastering the art of living in harmony with your true self.
**Why Join Us?**
Join us and unlock the door to a life where every decision is guided by the wisdom of your design. Imagine a business that flourishes as an authentic expression of your soul, and a daily existence that is a continuous journey of self-discovery and alignment. This is the promise of Embodied Human Design.
**Welcome to Your Journey**
This is more than a workshop; it's the first step on a beautiful journey towards living a life in true alignment with who you are meant to be. Embodied Human Design is not just a path to understanding yourself; it's a path to living your fullest, most authentic life.
Welcome to the beautiful journey of Embodied Human Design. We can't wait to embark on this incredible path together.

Alumni Share...

I am eternally grateful for Meadow Faith & her wisdom of Human Design. Her program has helped me overcome patterns that had been sabotaging me for years. I know understand myself & others on a deeper level that brings me peace. This self awareness & understanding has brought deep healing to my life. Thank you Meadow!

- Carlie C. Spiritual Guide & Mentor

I knew absolutely nothing about Human Design but Meadow's teachings make it clear & easy to understand. I loved her program & the amazing people I met as well. I own a few different companies & understanding my Human Design has made business easier & more profitable! My energy is back & I feel aligned! Thank you Magical Boss Babe! Love & Light. 

- Gena B. Entrepreneur & CEO

This program was so powerful that I took it twice! The deep self love that I got from learning my design has been invaluable. Because I understand myself better I am able to have love & compassion for others in a whole new way. I am no longer spinning my wheels trying to make things happen but relaxing & allowing life to come to me. So grateful!

- Melissa B. Entrepreneur & CEO

Meadow's teachings have been so valuable. I came in wanting to change my coaching style & attract people who were deeper in their spiritual understanding & we have accomplished that. I made money in my first month. Learning Human Design has helped me sit with blocks that have been holding me back from being so vanilla to owning my power & truth.

- Teddi V. Life Coach

I had never heard of Human Design but I was drawn to connect with Meadow, I knew there was something to learn & deeper to go in my meditation. The insights I learned have improved my relationships & energy levels as I relax in my Generator power. If you are looking to know more about yourself & life I suggest you take this program & give yourself a gift. 

- Art B. Real Estate Broker & Entrepreneur

Since I have been working with Meadow Faith, for the past several months I have learned more about my design and how to Navigate through daily life and my business then I have been able to understand in the last 4 years…Meadow has shown me clarity in how to navigate using my Strategy and Authority and my Aura… she explains things in a straight forward way that is easy to understand and implement. Since working with Meadow I have increased my client base and I have been able to put out more aligned content then I have in the past 4 years since I began my online business.

- Barb N. Ho'ponopono Coach