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meet meadow faith

meet meadow faith

meet meadow faith

Meet Meadow Faith, a seasoned 6 Figure Human Design Expert and the visionary CEO behind Magical Boss Babe.

With three decades of experience, Meadow has dedicated her career to empowering entrepreneurs to transform their innate genius into a thriving legacy and successful business.

Ready to unlock your full potential and embark on a journey of abundance? Book a Human Design Reading with Meadow today and start scripting your next chapter of prosperity and fulfillment.


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The Membership

"I'm grateful to have met you. When I jumped into your mentorship 2 months ago I had no idea how far I would be able to go under your mentorship but I'm simply amazed by all that you offer! In 30 days I was able to build a complete website, create an offer and build my own library for the membership I have just launched. 30 days. You can do hard things – especially when you have a mentor!"

- Lorraine P.
Addiction Coach

"I am eternally grateful for Meadow Faith & her wisdom of Human Design. Her program has helped me overcome patterns that had been sabotaging me for years. I know understand myself & others on a deeper level that brings me peace. This self awareness & understanding has brought deep healing to my life. Thank you Meadow!"

Carlie C.
Business Mentor

"Meadow's style of teaching Human Design make the concepts clear & easy to understand. I loved her program & the amazing people I met as well. I own a few different companies & understanding myself has made business easier & more profitable! My energy is back & I feel aligned! Thank you Meadow! Love & Light. "

Gena B.
Entrepreneur & CEO

"Amazing Teacher 100%! It has been a little over a year now & I have experienced an insane amount of growth; financially, mentally & spiritually! Meadow has always over delivered & has helped me from healing past traumas, limiting beliefs & feeling of being in that dark abyss. I highly recommend taking her courses! She holds courses for you to deep dive into healing as well as a life of abundance! You won’t regret it! "

Jon L.
Financial Entrepreneur

"Meadow's teachings have been so valuable. I came in wanting to change my coaching style & attract people who were deeper in their spiritual understanding & we have accomplished that. I made money in my first month. Learning her method of Human Design has helped me sit with blocks that have been holding me back from being so vanilla to owning my power & truth."

Teddy V.
Life Coach

"This program was so powerful that I took it twice! The deep self love that I got from learning about myself has been invaluable. Because I understand myself better I am able to have love & compassion for others in a whole new way. I am no longer spinning my wheels trying to make things happen but relaxing & allowing life to come to me. So grateful!"

Melissa B.
Entrepreneur & CEO

"Finding Meadow Faith & joining her programs has been like finding a treasure. She teaches in the most gentle loving ways. It was like she’s lifted a veil from eyes to fully understand myself. Since taking this course I have gained the most fulfilling and satisfying relationships. I have learned to receive love in a deeper way. This course is a gift for all areas of your life!"

Marcie C.
CEO Tap Into It

"I took the leap & joined Meadow Faith's program. What an experience it was! I learned things about myself that made SO MUCH of my past make so much more sense to me. I no longer judged myself so harshly. I was came to a new level of acceptance of myself and of others. Meadow is so embodied in this work & knowledgeable. She really shines in her intuitive coaching style. "

- Lauren S.
Empowerment Coach